I won again in ClixGrid! And now it is instant money! Oh, yeah! :)

Hello! I'm back! Took me awhile to post again. Honestly, I stopped clicking my ads in ClixSense and thinking about the earnings that I should have made, I have regretted it. So now, I'm clicking again. I just got my first prize from ClixGrid! 5 EXTRA CHANCES! Talk about a great comeback! :)

Happy Clickin!

ClixGrid - ClixSense

Though you still do not have enough referrals in ClixSense, you can still reach your minimum payout amount with so much ease! And this is with the help of ClixSense Tasks! I have been noticing that ClixSense almost always have easy-to-do tasks now, with every task worth $0.03 each!

Plus, if you have completed just 10 tasks for the day, you are already qualified for the Daily Bonus! Just do not forget to view at least 4 ads, 10 ClixGrid squares and one forum page, and all these were absolutely soooo easy to do!

$8 is the minimum cash out amount in ClixSense, but if you are a Premium member, it is much lower by $2! That's why is highly recommended to upgrade your membership to ClixSense no matter what. That is just one of the amazing perks of being a Premium member! ;)

Checklist Daily Bonus Winner!

And again, I was lucky to get the checklist bonus! For two straight days! This is on top of all the earnings you have made for the whole day through ad clicks, ClixGrid winnings, and tasks completed.

I was blessed to see a huge number of easy-to-do tasks last Tuesday, that were carried over until Wednesday, so I was able to reach the minimum number of tasks to be completed for both days, that's why I got the bonus! Amazing, huh? ;)

You just have to be very patient and consistent in this earning opportunity for you to earn more! Always check your ads available, click your ClixGrid, and check your tasks and offers from time to time.

Upgrading your account to Premium is also a good way to maximize your earning potential. For just $17.00, you can get more ads, more chances in ClixGrid, and a lot of other perks! And that is already for one whole year! Read all about it here.